Summer heat and drought are stressful for lawns

Its no secret that this time of the year can stress a lawn out......heat, dry weather and increased foot traffic can really do a number on your once beautiful lawn. When the lawn is thriving and green its usually cooler out and the kids are still in school, but now its hot and dry and the kids are home for the summer and the lawn is taking a beating. Well watered, green lawns bounce back when you walk on them but brown dry lawn tend to get crushed down making it hard for the lawn to recover. There is not much you can do about it right now, keep the mower blades sharp and mow higher than you would in spring or fall, taller grass grows deeper roots which can get to moister a lot better. Stressed out lawn are not growing so hold off on the feedings until cooler temps and rains come back. You can water your lawn if you have the means, its best to water in the early to mid mornings so that you loose less to evaporation and the lawn can dry by nightfall, when you water in the afternoon you waste because of evaporation and a wet lawn at night may promote disease. 1/2 inch of water twice a week is all the lawn needs. Over seeding in the fall is also a very helpful practice and will help your lawn in the long run.


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