Healthy spring lawns start in the fall

The fall is a great time to work on your lawns health and right now is the best time to take steps that will insure a beautiful lawn for next spring. We have had some awesome warm weather for October and the grass is still growing in a lot of areas. Keeping your lawn mowed while its growing is important so keep up the mowing until the growth stops. Aeration is also an excellent way to get oxygen and nutrients down to the roots, this is the time that your lawn is taking on as much nutrition as it can to get ready for winter. Aeration will also loosen up the soil that has become compacted by summer activity and mowing. As those fall leaves are coming down make sure to clean them up, you don't want them covering the lawn over winter under packed snow as this will suffocate the lawn and promote fungus growth. Apply a winter fertilizer to feed your lawn now while it is still active and apply an herbicide if you have been having trouble with dandelions for instance, this will help you to gain control of broad leaf weeds next year. If your grass has bare spots or is just looking thin now is a great time to over seed as well, just be careful about using any herbicides if you are over seeding as it may keep the seed from germinating. If you need some help in these areas call a local landscaping company to come out and get you headed in the right direction.