8 easy tips to a better lawn

Everyone likes to see a healthy green lawn that looks like it belongs in a magazine, but not everyone has one. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to help improve the overall health and look of your lawn.

1) Prevent weeds in the spring by using a pre-emergent herbicide.

2) Eliminate broad leaf weeds once they have sprouted, these are the big weeds you see in your lawn. Dandelions, clover, plantain to name a few.

3) Feed your lawn so that it may thrive, get on a good fertilizer program and follow the manufacturers directions as to much fertilizer can damage your lawn.

4) Water your lawn in the morning, this is the best time to water because the sun will help dry out the grass during the day, night time watering keeps the blades of grass wet and promotes disease.

5) Mow high and weekly if possible, rule of thumb is to never cut more than a third off at a time and a higher cut will allow the grass to grow deeper roots.

6) Keep your mower blades sharp, dull blades tear the grass and stress it causing brown edges at the tear.

7) Over seeding sparse lawns can go a long way to help thicken them up, it is best to over seed cool season grasses in the fall.

8) Train your dog to use a special area for doing business, dog urine is a major factor in your lawns health. The nitrogen in the urine causes yellow or dead spots on the lawn.


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