Fall is in the air......


Leaf clean ups are well under way and things are going very well. Our new blower has made this task much easier and we look forward to some of the more difficult properties still to come. I will post some videos later this week of the hurricane in action,,,,,

October 29th and the weather is mild....

We are about to wrap up the month of October and I feel like we should be seeing much cooler weather temps. I sure hope that this is not a precursor to what the winter will bring us, after two weak winters in a row it is getting discouraging but I trust that mother nature will take good care of us and let the snow fall..........In the meantime we will be kicking off the falls clean ups this week, its also the time that we will be getting out the winter equipment and doing the much needed maintenance,,,,,always a good time.

Healthy spring lawns start in the fall

The fall is a great time to work on your lawns health and right now is the best time to take steps that will insure a beautiful lawn for next spring. We have had some awesome warm weather for October and the grass is still growing in a lot of areas. Keeping your lawn mowed while its growing is important so keep up the mowing until the growth stops. Aeration is also an excellent way to get oxygen and nutrients down to the roots, this is the time that your lawn is taking on as much nutrition as it can to get ready for winter. Aeration will also loosen up the soil that has become compacted by summer activity and mowing. As those fall leaves are coming down make sure to clean them up, you don't ...

8 easy tips to a better lawn

Everyone likes to see a healthy green lawn that looks like it belongs in a magazine, but not everyone has one. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to help improve the overall health and look of your lawn.

1) Prevent weeds in the spring by using a pre-emergent herbicide.

2) Eliminate broad leaf weeds once they have sprouted, these are the big weeds you see in your lawn. Dandelions, clover, plantain to name a few.

3) Feed your lawn so that it may thrive, get on a good fertilizer program and follow the manufacturers directions as to much fertilizer can damage your lawn.

4) Water your lawn in the morning, this is the best time to water because the sun will help dry out the grass during th...

Summer heat and drought are stressful for lawns

Its no secret that this time of the year can stress a lawn out......heat, dry weather and increased foot traffic can really do a number on your once beautiful lawn. When the lawn is thriving and green its usually cooler out and the kids are still in school, but now its hot and dry and the kids are home for the summer and the lawn is taking a beating. Well watered, green lawns bounce back when you walk on them but brown dry lawn tend to get crushed down making it hard for the lawn to recover. There is not much you can do about it right now, keep the mower blades sharp and mow higher than you would in spring or fall, taller grass grows deeper roots which can get to moister a lot better. Stress...


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