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BRRRRRRRRRRRR......... 0* on the thermometer this morning and windy with no end in site of this extreme cold,,,,,its gonna be a long couple of weeks.

We would like to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving


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We are about to wrap up the month of October and I feel like we should be seeing much cooler weather temps. I sure hope that this is not a precursor to what the winter will bring us, after two weak winters in a row it is getting discouraging but I trust that mother nature will take good care of us and let the snow fall..........In the meantime we will be kicking off the falls clean ups this week, its also the time that we will be getting out the winter equipment and doing the much needed maintenance,,,,,always a good time.

The leaves are changing and starting to fall now, by next week fall clean ups should be well under way. Call us now and get a free quote on your fall clean up 860-309-3639

The fall is a great time to work on your lawns health and right now is the best time to take steps that will insure a beautiful lawn for next spring. We have had some awesome warm weather for October and the grass is still growing in a lot of areas. Keeping your lawn mowed while its growing is important so keep up the mowing until the growth stops. Aeration is also an excellent way to get oxygen and nutrients down to the roots, this is the time that your lawn is taking on as much nutrition as it can to get ready for winter. Aeration will also loosen up the soil that has become compacted by summer activity and mowing. As those fall leaves are coming down make sure to clean them up, you don't want them covering the lawn over winter under p...

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Fall is in the air for sure now and we are gearing up for leave clean up and removals, are you on the list?

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving from our family to yours.

October is a great time to over seed your lawn, the cool nights and warm days are perfect for growing new seed and you will help your lawn come back stronger in the spring, especially after this long drought has caused so much stress to lawns. Call now to set up your over seeding service.


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